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Thank you for visiting my page. I would love to help you to transform your life from the inside out. I will be your coach and personal trainer for the next few weeks and will help you to prioritise, organise, plan and execute all the things that will make your life more enjoyable and help your body to tick perfectly.

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Should you exercise when you're ill?
Which fats are good for you?
A calorie is not a calorie
Food: Your questions answered
What do you invest in?
Are you resistant to change?
Dust Away the Cobwebs
The Perfect Lifestyle
Are vegetable and seed oils good for you?
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Three things you can do to change your health now!
Life on your terms


9th June 2015
Online courses available NOW!
The first online Course launched this week. Find out more.
9th May 2015
Online courses available soon
Keep an eye out for these brilliant courses you can complete from anywhere in the world. If you ever wanted a virtual PT she's coming to a screen near you!
1st April 2015
Downloadable workouts coming soon
Soon there will be some exciting downloadable things on the website to help you on your journey. Keep an eye out!


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Our Lifestyle Workshops give women the tools to improve their lifestyle in the areas of health, fitness and organisation. See here for details.

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