I started out working as a fitness instructor back in the late 90's teaching classes like Aerobics, Body Pump, Body Combat, Step and LBT classes. I then went on to complete a Sport and Exercise Science Degree and a Life Coaching qualification and strated my business in 2004 teaching Dancercise.

I started as a mobile PT a year later, going from house to house training clients. I still have some of my original clients from 10 years ago!

In the last few years I have gone onto specialise in strength training for women.


For years I trained women with resistance training attempting to dispel the myth that weight training makes you 'big'. More recently it has become a trend but people are still misled as what they should be doing and how.

My programmes enable women of all ages and abilities to sculpt a physique that they want whilst losing body fat and getting very defined. From complete beginners to intermediates, I help women to lift weights, eat the right food to support muscle growth, get strong, lean, shapely and feel great in their own skin.

My approach has attracted people from all walks of life and all ages but I especially have an older female following who refuse to age disgracefully and are all about getting their mojo back in their later years!

My clients range from 23 to 70 years old. One client describes me as 'Challenging without being terrifying'! One thing is certain they all are up for trying new things and have all seen amazing results physically and emotionally which is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.

I have also had my own personal challenges so I can relate to the kinds of obstacles, mental and physical, women have to overcome. I hope to be an example of someone who has come out the other side.


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