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About Me

My journey in fitness began in the U.K in late 90's teaching group fitness classes such as Hi-Lo Aerobics, Les Mills classes, Step, Dancercise and Body Conditioning classes. Those were some of the best days in my career and I had so much fun as a free lance instructor.


However, after each class I would spend hours speaking to clients who wanted specific help and advice and based on that I went on to complete a Sport and Exercise Science Degree and Life Coaching diploma and started my business as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach in 2004.

Sally Humphries Training in the Park.jpg
Sally Humphries Training in the Park.jpg

24 years in the business has taught me a lot but mostly the struggles that women in particular go through to stay healthy and feel happy in their own skin.

It isn't always as simple as 'eat less and move more' and after a certain age or with long periods of being sedentary our bodies can become resistant to exercise and diet changes and we need to be strategic in how we get our bodies to respond in the best way

As PTs we're taught the conventional way to keep fit and eat right. But what happens when that no longer works for everyone?

My personal struggle with insulin resistance and blood sugar issues, ultimately led me to understand that one size doesn't fit all and cutting calories is not always the solution.


My Two Step Approach has been borne out of this struggle and from tons of research into metabolic function. I know the frustration of training relentlessly and following strict diets without seeing results and feeling tired and lacking lustre all the time.

However, I now know it is possible to get results and to feel great again, at any age and the answer is simpler than we think!

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