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Hi, I'm Sally — Women's Health Coach and Personal Trainer,

I teach women who've hit a wall with their weight loss and fitness, the keys to boost their metabolism, feel energised and drop stubborn pounds! If you have tried everything and nothing is working, you're in the right place.

With over 24 years experience serving women of all ages in the fitness and wellbeing industry, I bring a unique not one-size-fits-all, approach to those who are struggling with weight management and getting their fitness back on track. Regardless of age, ability or experience, I want to hear from you if you are at your wit's end in trying to get your health back together.

Let me help you energise, rebuild and stabilise in two simple steps!

Sally Humphries Women's Personal Trainer Hong Kong

Hey there!

Access My Simple Two-Step Approach to 
Reset Your Metabolism and See Results!

Woman Working Out Sally Humphries Fitness

Step One

Step One ~ Get Strong

There are two simple steps I use to help women get results. The first is strength training. As we age, we begin to lose valuable muscle tissue which slows down our metabolism. The result? Weight gain, weakness, loss of body shape, tiredness and injuries.


Increasing lean muscle is the best way to rejuvenate your metabolism and keep the excess pounds off while firming up and energising!

I teach you exercises that will build lost muscle, reshape your body and positively impact the rate of calories you burn even while at rest!

Step Two ~ Get Balanced

Most people struggle with some kind of food dependency and feel guilty because of it

However, by tweaking what you eat you can control cravings and rebalance hormones, whilst growing lean muscle and boosting calorie burn.

This step will teach you what to eat to break the carb dependency cycle, reduce insulin resistance, increase muscle and train your body to burn fat for fuel, as well as restore hormonal balance.

Can you imagine a life without cravings? It's possible!


To find out more, hit the button below to see how we can work together. 

Healthy Diet Sally Humphries Lifestyle

Step Two


How I Work


I offer one to one personal training in 3 different ways:


In your own home or gym, at my private gym, or online.


Each method offers a unique level of convenience as well as different price points, but all offer the same undivided attention and personal touch.

Click each link to find out more.

Train with Me at Home

Train in My Gym

Train with Me Online

Sally Humphries Fitness Personal Training for Women
Sally Humphries Personal Trainer Hong Kong
Sally Humphries Fitness and Lifestyle Online Personal Training for Women

Little to no equipment or space required. Just you, me and some energy!

Gain strength, increase stamina and achieve results at my private gym.

Take me with you anywhere. Training across the globe and in different time zones.


What Clients Say

Client Testimonial Sally Humphries Fitness  and Lifestyle
"Sally is a friendly, fun, highly knowledgeable and very skilled trainer. I never thought I would enjoy fitness sessions so much or would get fit so quickly as I have done with Sally's training. I am so glad that Sally was recommended to me. I cannot recommend her more highly."

Barbara C.

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